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Kell95 tagged me to give 8 facts of my OC, Aura Skye.
(How DARE she tag me...)

Fact 1: Aura's name was given because he was born at night under a bright aurora in the sky. His parents saw how fascinated he was with it and they decided to name him after it. The family last name of "Skye" happens to also work well with it.

Fact 2: He was born with an extremely rare birth defect where only one eye is colorblind, while the other is normal. His parents used their combined magic on a strong, unnamed material the father had found when doing construction in Canterlot. The device was called a "Scouter" and the purpose of the device is much like glasses for normal vision problems, however this piece restores the sight of color in his right eye while he wears it. The lens part of it was given a tint due to Aura's magic (The tint is only on the outside of the lens and is perfectly clear on the inside. The device itself is magically connected to the side of his head (much like opposite ends of a magnet). This connection can be cancelled out by Aura for removal, but it took him some time to learn how to do it.

Fact 3: He lives in Ponyville but has a job in Canterlot as Princess Luna's aid. He gets there via a personalized teleportation scroll that acts a two-way transportation. When he casts the spell at the scroll, he and the scroll are transported just outside the Canterlot castle. When cast while in the Canterlot castle, it takes him to Ponyville square. Aura's job is to help Princess Luna with constellations. After being out of practice for 1,000 years (because of her banishment), she no longer knows which constellations should be visible each night. He's able to help her with it so easily because his cutiemark is him having strong knowledge about constellations, both in meaning and when they should be visible. The aurora on his cutiemark is there because he still dreams of being able to one day touch the aurora he saw at birth.

Fact 4: Soon after obtaining enough bits from his job (which thanks to who his boss is, wasn't too long), Aura bought himself his own house in Ponyville to stay close to his parents while having a bit more freedom.

Fact 5: He frequently purchases apples and apple related foods from Sweet Apple Acres and is friends with Applejack and her brother Big Macintosh. They occasionally enjoy having a "guys night" and often watch Hoofball together. Spike joins them whenever he gets the chance.

Fact 6: Aura is calm and level-headed but is capable of eventually losing control of his temper when all of the wrong buttons are pushed in a row. This is however, a rare event.

Fact 7: On a cold night after work, Aura saw a lizard poking its head from around a corner. Aura got curious and after turning the corner, he saw a Pegasus mare (named Typewriter) curled up in a box and shivering. He led her to his house and allowed her to get warm, cleaned up, fed, and have a nicer place to sleep for the night than that box. The next morning, he allowed her and her pet lizard Hiro to continue living there and soon found out she has an interest in baking. He pointed her in the direction of Sugarcube Corner and she became Pinkie's apprentice there.

Fact 8: It took a couple months after they first met but Aura finally admitted to having feelings for Typewriter and apparently she had mutual feelings toward him. They live happy lives together and every day is its own adventure for them. 

I tag NO ONE because I'm a rebel doggone it!


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I actually don't "love" RariPants. I'd say I'm neutral with it even though I DO voice as him in BoD & DoD.
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